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Our Story

It began in 1980 when two sisters Karin and Ellen Dietrick opened Headlines Hair Salon on Lyons Avenue. After 18 years of running a busy Headlines the sisters were ready to slow down their lives and give up their role of ownership. Two of their employees Michelle Noma and Linda Freyre decided to continue what had started at Headlines and open up a larger and very successful Innovations Salon in Stevenson Ranch. Michelle and Linda had 15 beautiful years many of them being voted the #1 salon in Santa Clarita. They too decided to slow down and passed the torch onto their current employees of nearly 11 years Jenelle Terranova and Jennie Hall. Both girls are committed to continue to improve on the legacy that started more than 30 years ago.

Jenelle and Jennie have poured their heart and soul and every drop of their celebrated creativity into revamping and renovating their beloved salon. The results are nothing short of spectacular, but the new owners are quick to reassure that though the decor might be different, their dedication to their clients remains as steadfast and loyal as ever. "Our situation is unique, in that  the women here have worked together for 15 plus years," says both Jenelle and Jennie. "We retain the same core values as well as providing continuing training for our stylists in the top schools of our industry in order to provide both returning clients and new clients with top-notch cutting edge and classic styles. “We're family here, we would like you to be apart of that.” 


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